Patents and Commissions

Scope and Content

The series contains three commissions from George Harry Grey (1737-1819), 5th Earl of Stamford, Lord Lieutenant of Cheshire, appointing his son George Harry Grey (1765-1845), Lord Grey, as a Captain and later Colonel of the Royal Regiment of Cheshire Militia, and as a Deputy Lieutenant of Cheshire (EGR4/2/1/1-3). There are also letters patent appointing or reappointing George Harry Grey (1765-1845), 6th Earl of Stamford, as Lord Lieutenant (EGR4/2/1/4, EGR4/2/1/8 & EGR4/2/1/10), Custos Rotulorum (EGR4/2/1/5, EGR4/2/1/7 & EGR4/2/1/11), Chamberlain (EGR4/2/1/6/3 & EGR4/2/1/9) and Vice-Admiral of Cheshire (EGR4/2/1/6/1).