Farming Steward's Cash Books

Scope and Content

The farming steward's cash books contain weekly accounts of the quantity and value of grain, meal, meat and other animal products consumed at Dunham Massey Hall, Stables and Home Farm, under the following categories: malt, wheat, "grooms" [oats for horses], "coachman" [oats for coach horses], "draught" [oats for draught horses], "strangers" [?fodder supplied for visitors' horses], cows, swine oatmeal, dogs' oatmeal, swans' oats, rabbits' oats, pigeon barley, poultry barley, cows killed, fat, hides, hogs, sheep, deer and bucks. The total value each week is calculated. The information was copied into the household consumption account books (EGR7/1).

At the back of items EGR7/2/1-3 are cash accounts for sales of tallow to chandlers, which record the dates of sale, price per pound and quantities sold, and the total annual receipts. Tallow accounts end in 1808.

Acquisition Information

All items were received from Dunham Massey Hall on 12 September 1978; provenance: Instrument Room off the Library.