Compendium of Family and Estate Accounts, Section 1

Scope and Content

Sir George Booth's estates before his purchases were as follows:

Dunham and Sinderland with tenants' rents there per annum £200

Wilmslow, Bollin [Fee] and Fallibroome per annum £100

Carrington per annum £80

Hattersley per annum £48

Thornton [le Moors] per annum £126

Total: £554

Inserted here in paper copy EGR3/3/3/4 is a note that William Booth father of Sir G.B. died seised of other lands in Cheshire, Derbyshire and Staffordshire.

Sir George Booth's brothers John, Robert, Edmund and Richard each received an annuity of £20 from him. Sir George also paid his sisters Mary, Elizabeth, Susan, Alice and Eleanor portions of £600 each within 8 years of his coming of age.

Miss Winnington had a jointure out of Carrington lands and her son's annuity until 1612, "by which meanes those landes were keept from him five and twenty yeares" ("five" is written over an earlier erased entry, probably "one" as in paper copy EGR3/3/3/4).

Stayley and the moiety of Ashton under [Lyne were in jointure to] Dame Elizabeth Booth mother of Sir George for 42 years after his coming of age, until 1629 (missing text supplied from paper copy EGR3/3/3/4).

Also Sir George Booth "builded three parte of Dunham house, all his barnes, Milles, [gardenes and] Stables and at every other demaine house putt some [parte thereof] in reasonable repaier, and builded his Courte houses and [Marled at] Dunham fiftie Eight accres and at Carrington twentie [accres]" (missing text supplied from paper copy EGR3/3/3/4).

Table of lands purchased by Sir George Booth from 1595 to 1635.

Lands in Sale, from William Chauntrell [of Bache esq] for £1,000, rental value £11 5s 2d, 12 tenants [see EGR1/1/3/7-8] 20 Sep 1595

Lands in Norcliffe [to. Pownall Fee], from Sir Edward Fitton [of Gawsworth] for £1,150, rental value £21 3d, 20 tenants 16 May 1597

Lands in Bollington, from William Maier [of Mere] esq for £350, rental value £4 2s, 6 tenants [see EGR1/1/3/11-12] 2 Jun 1600

Lands in Dunham [Massey], from Sir Edward Standlie [of Tong co. Salop] for £208, rental value £1 16s, 3 tenants [see EGR1/1/3/14] 28 Feb 1601/2

Lands in Ashley, from Mr Mottershed for £80, rental value 14s 8d, 1 tenant 23 Oct 1602

Lands in Sale, from Randal Houlte esq [son of Thomas of Whittleswick pa. Barton upon Irwell co. Lancs] for £220, rental value £9 6s 4d, 13 tenants [see EGR1/1/3/22] 4 Aug 1604

Half of Ashton [under Lyne co. Lancs], from Sir Richard Haughton [Hoghton, of Hoghton Tower pa. Leyland co. Lancs] for £5,500, rental value £70, 129 tenants [see EGR1/8/2/7] 4 Nov 1605

Lands in Bowdon, from Humphrey [alias Hugh] Crosbie [of Higher Whitley] gent for £220, rental value £4 11s, 6 tenants [see EGR1/1/3/25] 26 Apr 1610

Bowdon tithes, from Robert Tatton esq for £4,000, rental value £300, 8 tenants 12 Feb 1610/1

Tenant Robert Aldecrofte's lease in Thornton [le Moors] for £400, rental value £60, demesne 19 Jun 1611

Lands in Hattersley, from Sir Urian Leigh [Legh of Adlington] for £200, rental value £3 3d, 3 tenants 19 Jun 1611

2 parcels at New Bridge ("Newbridge") [to. Bollington], from William Leigh [Legh] esq [son of John Legh of Over Knutsford] for £21, rental value 4s, 1 tenant [see EGR1/1/3/28] 20 Sep 1614

Lands in Altrincham, from Oswald Moslie esq for £32, rental value 18s, 3 tenants 20 Mar 1616/7

Cresswell ("Creswall") [to. Altrincham] and other springs brought to Dunham [Massey] by William Rowcrofte for £16, rental value £20 1619

Sale out of several tenants, from John Bryan of Aston [?by Budworth] gent for £30, rental value £2 paid by Mr Jarett, 1 tenant [see EGR1/1/4/5] 17 Sep 1619

Lands in Altrincham, from John Caryngton [of Bollington] gent for £300, 8 tenants [see EGR1/1/4/7] 27 Oct 1620

Bank Meadow [to. Hale], from Edward Vawdrey [of Riddings to. Timperley gent] for £160, rental value £6, demesne [cf. EGR1/1/3/23 & EGR1/1/4/12] same date

House in Chester and Mottram [in Longdendale] tithes, from Mr Sneade [alias Sneyde, of Bradwall pa. Keele co. Staffs] esq, for £500 & £950 respectively, rental values £20 & £100, demesne [cf. EGR1/8/3/3] same date

Lands in Hale, from Ralph Barlowe [of Hale husbandman] for £70, rental value £1, 1 tenant [see EGR1/1/4/11] 2 Oct 1629

Lands in Warrington [co. Lancs], from Thomas Ireland esq for £7,300, rental value £400, 240 tenants 18 May 1631

Tenement in [Dunham] Woodhouses, purchased by William Booth esq from William Vawdrey [of Ollerbarrow to. Hale] gent for £300 [see EGR1/1/4/18] 28 Dec 1635

Bollington brine seeth, purchased by William Booth esq from William Leigh esq [?son of John Legh of Over Knutsford] for £200 same date

Agden brine seeth, purchased by William Booth esq from George Venables gent for £400 same date

Salt-houses of Mr [George] Bowdon [of Bowdon gent], purchased by William Booth esq from Mr [Christopher] Anderton [of Lostock pa. Bolton le Moors co. Lancs] esq for £1,700 [cf. EGR1/1/4/14] same date

Total purchase price: £25,240; total number of tenants: 456.

Memorandum that at the time of the purchase of Ashton [?under Lyne co. Lancs], "Sir George Booth bought of the Ladie [Elizabeth] Egerton £600, and was to repaie her by yearelie paiementes, the money to be brought her at severall daies, & she denyed to Receive it but Continued it uppon use [the term 'use' is employed throughout to mean 'interest'] and in the ende, Sir George Booth paid her for it & use uppon use [?interest upon unpaid interest]", namely in 4 instalments totalling £1,614 7s.

A Computation of the Commons of Ashton [under Lyne] upon the survey (in acres):

Dent Moss c.160

Luzley 120

Littlemoss 60

Slade Edge 60

Hartshead and Broad Carr 60

Top of the Low 24

Lees Lane 4

Common by the water 7

Mossley Lees 4

"Coche & Hurstlaw" [?Cock Bank] 3

Smallshaw 1

Mossley Green 3

In all 506 acres besides improvements by measure and turbary, out of which the charterers had 100 acres.