Inventory of Furniture, Farming Stock, etc.

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  • Reference
      GB 133 EGR7/17/3
  • Dates of Creation
      Jul 1819
  • Physical Description
      21 x 17 cm, 1 vol., marbled board covers, quarter-bound in calf with vellum-tipped corners.

Scope and Content

Inventory and valuation of household furniture, farming stock, horses, carriages and other property at Dunham Massey belonging to the late George Harry [Grey (1737-1819), 5th] Earl of Stamford. The valuation was made by Nathaniel Pass [of Altrincham, auctioneer], on 16 June 1819 and on eight succeeding days, and the volume is dated 28 July 1819. As well as the contents of the principal rooms and bedrooms the inventory describes and values the contents of the domestic offices, servants' quarters, outbuildings and stables at Dunham Massey Hall, equipment and livestock at the Home Farm and horses at pasture. Most descriptions are very short ("mahogany desk", "turkey carpet", "2 fire screens" etc.), and pictures are not identified.

The inventory is arranged room-by-room in the following order: Centre Room on Upper Gallery and Closet, Room on Left of Centre, End Room on Upper Gallery and Closet, Last Room on Upper Gallery, Lady Louisa's Inner Room and Closet, Large Room, Mr Forster's Room, Last Room on Second Gallery and Closet, West Apartment and adjoining room, Tea Room, Tea Room Gallery, Bedroom at End of Passage, Mr Church's Room, Room at the Gates, Right-Hand Room at Front Gate, Three-Bed Room on Stone Passage, Yellow Damask Dressing Room, Yellow Damask Room, Music Room, Upper Gallery, Centre Gallery, Large Hall Staircase, Large Hall, Lobby to Great Hall, Lunch Room, Lord Stamford's Bedroom, Closet and Dressing Room, Passage to same, First Cotton Room, Second Room on Lord Grey's Gallery, Mrs Grey's Dressing Room, Second Bedroom, Mr Lezard's Room, Kitchen-maids' Room, Room over Scullery, Store Room, Tailor's Room, Passage to same, Mrs Prinsep's [the housekeeper's] Room, Butler's Apartment, Mrs Prinsep's Room (sic), Store Room, Still Room, Butler's House, Housemaids' Closet, Servants' Hall, Mrs Prinsep's Room, Passage to Servants' Hall, Staircase and Passage to Great Hall, Chapel, Cupboard in Mrs Prinsep's Room, Bleaching Yard, Wash-house, Mangle Room, Laundry, Still House, Footman's Room and Bedroom, Staircase, Dairy, Scullery, Porter's Lodge, Alderman's Room, Kitchen-maids' Room, Mr [John] Tyler's Room, Lobby Closet, Steward's Room, Closet, Kitchen, Larder, Inner Larder, Side Kitchen, Steward's Private Room, Brewhouse, Cellar, Two-Bedded Room over Stable Passage, "Bull's Eye", Staircase, Ante-room, Bed Closet, Housemaids' Room, Stillery-maid's Room, Lord Grey's Room and Closet, Common Hall, Brewer's House, Small Closet at Stair-foot, Store Room, Groves Room, George Smith's Room, Coachman's Room, Gardener's Room, Parr's Room, Gallery Dining Room, Lady Stamford's Bedroom, Washing Closet and Dressing Room, Staircase, Breakfast Room, Library Closet, Paper Room, Step Closet in Library, Library, "Bull's Eye" in Upper Gallery, Closet in Middle Gallery, Mr A[nchitel] Grey's Room, Bedroom, Small Closet and Bedroom, Pig-sties (listing pigs and equipment), Carpenter's Shop, Ferret House, Coal Houses, Mill, Groom's Stable, Saddle Room, Saddle Staircase and Room over same, Lord Grey's Stable, Coach Stable (including 7 coach horses), Hay Loft, Cart Stable (including 10 cart horses), Shippon, Farm (including livestock), Farmyard, Office over Stable, Waggoners' Room, Butcher's Shop, horses in Dunham Town Paddock, the stable at Altrincham and Lower Paddock, Garden, Garden Shed and Mr [Joseph] Pickin's House. The volume concludes with an inventory of linen, items in Mr [Hugo] Worthington's Room, and a global valuation of the silverplate (£6818 16s 11d). Total value: £14021 18s 6d.

Acquisition Information

Received from Dunham Massey Hall on 29 June 1990; provenance: top right drawer, chest of drawers F756 on Grey Gallery.