Counterpart Lease

Scope and Content

Lessee: George Timperley late of Winton pa. Eccles co. Lancs but now of Dunham Massey yeo, devisee under the will of his father John Timperley of Oldfield to. Dunham Massey yeo dec'd.

Property: a messuage and tenement in Oldfield now in the occupation of Nathaniel Timperley [of Oldfield to. Dunham Massey yeo], and fields etc. as EGR14/2/7/345 above, but excepting the cottage, garden and outbuildings now occupied by George Priestnall.

Lessee is to hold subject to the charges and incumbrances to which the property is liable under the will of John Timperley dec'd.

Rent: £5 1s. Heriot: £3. Consideration: £144.

Surrendered lease: to John Timperley dec'd, [EGR14/2/7/345].

Endorsed with memorandum that by indentures dated 25 Mar 1836 the messuage and garden, the Lower and Upper Over Fields, the Three Nooked Field and the Furmost Field were conveyed to Edward Marsland of Lostock [Gralam pa. Great Budworth] yeo; the Heyes to Edward Pearson of Cross Street [in Ashton upon Mersey]; the Ham Old Field, Blake and Acre to Joseph Warburton; and the Loont in Dunham Town Field to Peter Heron esq in trust for the Earl of Stamford; rents apportioned.