Bundle of Printed Papers re Peterloo Massacre

Scope and Content

The bundle contains printed handbills, placards, leaflets and newspapers concerning the Reform Movement, the Peterloo Massacre of August 1819, debates in Parliament on the disturbances, and county and local meetings held to discuss measures to prevent insurrection spreading throughout the country. There are multiple copies of handbills reprinting extracts from local and national newspapers; these contain letters discussing the law of public assemblies, reports of local and county meetings that upheld the actions of the magistrates at Manchester and issued declarations of loyalty, and censure of those meetings that criticized the magistrates' actions (EGR4/2/3/3/1-18, /20-28, /36-40, /46-48). There are also issues of the Patriot and the Constitutional Adviser journals and national newspapers (/29-35), a declaration of loyalty from York (/19), copies of a handbill reprinting Judge Leycester's charge to the Caernarvon Grand Jury (/41-44) and a petition of loyalty from Manchester (/45).

All pieces are printed. The bundle was found rolled up in a paper wrapper annotated "99" (on a modern adhesive paper label).


All pieces constituted original bundle '99'.