Papers relating to Schools

Scope and Content

George Harry Grey (1765-1845), 6th Earl of Stamford, was a trustee of, or subscriber to, several schools in Lancashire and Cheshire, including Warrington Grammar School and Manchester Grammar School. The series contains the following items: a bundle of papers relating to Warrington Free Grammar School, 1814-42 (EGR4/2/9/1); a bundle of papers relating to Manchester Grammar School, 1827-43 (EGR4/2/9/2); two bundles of papers relating to the Manchester School for the Deaf and Dumb, 1829-35 and 1840-1 (EGR4/2/9/3-4); a packet of reports and rules of admission for various schools, 1811-32 (EGR4/2/9/5); a bundle of papers concerning a proposal by Jonathan Brundrett to found a grammar school in Altrincham, 1836 (EGR4/2/9/6); an appeal and a prospectus for two schools, 1837-8 (EGR4/2/9/7); lists of bibles, prayer books, spelling books etc. distributed to local schools, 1838-41 (EGR4/2/9/8); a bundle of papers relating to Bowdon National and Sunday Schools, 1835-41 (EGR4/2/9/9); correspondence relating to a proposal for a school in Dunham Massey, 1840 (EGR4/2/9/10); and a packet of correspondence concerning a school in Styal near Wilmslow, 1841 (EGR4/2/9/11).

[For papers relating to Liverpool School for the Blind see EGR4/2/10/13/5-9 below. For papers relating to Chetham's Hospital and Library in Manchester, see EGR4/2/10/14 below. Subfonds EGR8, Papers relating to Thomas Walton's Charity, contains papers relating to Little Heath Charity School in Dunham Massey (EGR8/2) and papers relating to Seamon's Moss School in Altrincham (EGR8/3). Subfonds EGR9, Papers relating to the Earl of Warrington's Charity, contains papers relating to Carrington School (EGR9/3/4-5).]