Bundle of Accounts of Expenditure on the Poor

Scope and Content

The bundle contains annual accounts of money distributed by the Earl of Stamford to the poor in the townships of Bowdon parish: Carrington, Partington, half of Ashton upon Mersey, Timperley, Baguley, Hale, Ashley, Bollington and Bowdon. Subtotals for each township are given, with the name of the agent through whom the money was distributed, and the total annual expenditure. Up to 1807 the amount given fluctuated between £40 and £45; thereafter the sum remained a constant £39 18s.

Pieces survive for 1795, 1799, 1801-1811, 1813-1831, 1833; also a receipt from John Mort for £10 9s 2d for blankets and sheetings purchased by the overseers of Baguley, 9 January 1836.