Summary Account of Chief and Reserved Rents Received

Scope and Content

Summary account of chief and reserved rents received on the Cheshire Estates in the year to Michaelmas 1904. The account records chief rents in Altrincham, Bollington, Bowdon, Carrington, Dunham Massey, Hale, Oldfield and Timperley, and reserved rents in Altrincham, Bollington, Bowdon, Carrington and Dunham Massey. Columns are provided for arrears brought forward, rents due up to Michaelmas 1904 (total: £17,729 1s 8d), income tax, rent and arrears less tax (£17,168 8s 1d), cash received (£16,792 0s 9d), and arrears carried forward.

Dated at: the Stamford Estates Office, Altrincham.