Scope and Content

Lessee: Robert Awen of Ashton upon Mersey husbandman.

Tenement no.: 5.

Property: a messuage or cottage and tenement in Ashton upon Mersey formerly called Carrington Hey.

Rent: £2; also 1 day's reaping corn at harvest and 1 day's "filling of muck", or the value thereof in money. Heriot: best beast or other best good, or 40s, at the election of Lord Delamer. Consideration: £11.

Clauses: lessee is to attend Lord Delamer in time of war, furnished with a weapon fit for a soldier, or else pay contribution.

Surrendered lease: unspecified (2 lives in being).

MS. Endorsed with memorandum of renewal to John Owen of Woodheys [in Ashton upon Mersey] yeo, 16 October 1695.