Bundle of Vouchers

Scope and Content

The bundle contains:

Receipt from [George Harry Grey (1765-1845), Lord] Grey, for £900 being one quarter's annuity due under his marriage settlement, and for £100 received by him on behalf of Lady Grey, being one quarter's annuity due to her (/1).

Receipt from W[illiam] B[ooth] Grey for £175 being one quarter's annuity due under his marriage settlement (/2).

Receipts for: subscription to the Society for the Encouragement of Agriculture within the Limits of Thirty Miles from Manchester (/3); £21 and £15 15s contributions towards purchase of clothing and bedding for the poor in Ashton under Lyne [co. Lancs] and Altrincham (/4-5); subscriptions of £21 and £25 for relief of the poor in Altrincham and Wilmslow (/6-7); subscription to Liverpool School for the Blind (/8); subscription to the Asylum for Deaf and Dumb Children (/9); benefactions of £10 each to Thomas Davies, Henry Hawkes and James Mills to get them excused service in the militia (/10-12).

Two receipts from Joseph Watkinson, each for £78 15s cost of purchasing two brown coach horses (/13-14).

Statement of the expenses of John Davenport [farming steward at Dunham Massey], £136 2s 6d for 15 Scotch cows bought at Brough [co. Westm] for Enville, and £4 17s 6d cost of transporting them to Dunham Massey (/15).

Invoices and receipts from: F[rancis] & C[harles] Rivington, booksellers, London, for books and subscription to the SPCK (/16); John Satterfield & Co., drapers to Their Majesties, Manchester, for gloves and kersey, and for crepe (/17-18); Abraham Johnson, for making and repairing clothes for Lord Stamford and "the travelling servants" (/19); William Jones, for repairing shoes and boots (/20); John Ollivant, Manchester, [silversmith] for new gold pendants and ribbon to gold medal (/21); John Burgess, Altrincham, for black worsted hose (/22); Johnson & Co., liqueur manufacturers, London, £22 10s for bottles of maraschino etc. (/23); R. Wedgewood, London, for writing books and carbon paper (/24); Richard Powell, for absences (/25).

Vouchers for the journey from Enville to Dunham Massey, July 1809, for costs of carriage, hire of horses, servants' expenses etc. (/26-30).

Accounts of servants J[arvis] Oxley, James Shaw and Richard Plester, for travelling expenses, hire of horses, postboys, turnpike fees (/31-33); invoice from Wilbraham Cox, for hire of horses, postboys and ostler (/34).

Receipts for wages from Mary Keninmore and Joseph Matton (/35-36).