Counterpart Lease

Scope and Content

Lessee: William Ashton of Dunham Massey yeo.

Property: a messuage or dwelling-house in Dunham Town to. Dunham Massey now in the occupation of Ashton, and fields or parcels of land thereto belonging called the Davenport's Loont or Twinway's, the Cutting Loont, the Great Intack, the Townfield Loont, the White Oaks Green, the patch at the end of the Nursery Field and the road leading to it, and the Further Field or Drinkwaters (10 a. 2 r.), all part of a messuage and tenement in Dunham Massey called Davenports.

Term: 11 years.

Rent: £26, payable on 29 September; also £10 for every acre above 3 acres ploughed in any year during the term.

Clauses: lessee is to keep watch and ward, work in the highways, and serve all offices respecting the premises; husbandry clauses re ploughing, sowing with clover, manuring; lessee is not to fell or damage timber trees.

Mark of lessee.