Counterpart Lease

Scope and Content

Lessee: John Dawson jun of Sinderland to. Dunham Massey farmer.

Tenement no.: 103D.

Property: 4 fields or parcels of land in Sinderland, formerly part of Sinderland Moss, called the Higher Saw Pit Brow, the First Rough, the Two Acre and the Cow Head (9 a. 2 r. 23 p.), now in the occupation of John Dawson sen, John Faulkner and John Holt as undertenants.

Rent: £3. Heriot: £3. Consideration: £67 10s.

Surrendered lease: to George Stelfox late of Timperley [and formerly of Sinderland] gent dec'd, dated 9 August 1816.