Lease in Trust

Scope and Content

Lessee: Isaac Worthington of Altrincham gent.

Tenement no.: 86.

Property: a messuage and tenement in Sinderland to. Dunham Massey heretofore in the possession of John Birch dec'd and now in the occupation of William Birchinall as undertenant, and fields thereto belonging called the Barn Field, the House Field, the Horse Pasture, the Cart House Field, the Furmost Field, the Highmost Field, the Nearer Meadow, the Lower Acre, the Higher Acre, the Marle Field, the Half Acre, the Further Meadow, the Further Meadow Brow, the Nearer Rough, the Middle Rough, the Furmost Rough but one and the Furmost Rough (25 a. 3 r. 5 p.).

Lessee is to hold upon the trusts declared in a release dated 25 June 1784, made between Isaac Birch of Great Budworth gent, son of John Birch dec'd, and himself.

Rent: £4 14s. Heriot: £4. Consideration: £94.

Surrendered lease: to John Ashton of Sinderland yeo, and William Renshaw of Altrincham shopkeeper, executors of John Birch of Altrincham gent dec'd, dated 6 June 1769.