Scope and Content

Lessee: Charles Hankinson of Hale tanner.

Tenement no.: 5.

Property: a messuage and tenement in Hale, late in the possession of John Hankinson of Hale tanner and now occupied by Isaac Hankinson as undertenant, and fields and parcels of land thereto belonging called the Long Meadow, the Asp Acre, the Long Ley (sic), the Meadow, the Pickers, the Marl Field, the Wall Field, the Soont Field, the Half Acre and Hemp Croft (now laid together), the Low Field, the Skin Croft, the Higher Hennersley, the Lower Hennersley and the Intack (23 a. 2 r. 4 p.).

Rent: £7. Heriot: £4. Consideration: £140.

Surrendered lease: to John Hankinson, [EGR14/2/8/21].