Lady Stamford's Proposal

Scope and Content

Proposal on behalf of Mary Countess of Stamford that the agents of the Duke of Bridgewater mark out the ground to be cut for his canal through fields called 'Little Barrow', 'the Davywall hill' and 'the Lower Cross Green' of 16 yds breadth for the canal and towpath, and 36 yds breadth for raising the Bank through a loont [strip of land in an unenclosed field] called 'the Great Barrow' and 'the Flax Butts' [all in Sale]. The quantity of land in each close to be ascertained and valued. The value to be paid to M.C.S. and her tenants before excavations commence. Any lands required for future work to be similarly treated. Consequential damage to be assessed and compensated for.

Endorsed: "D. of Bridgewater 1763" (in the hand of Mary Countess of Stamford).