Papers relating to Cornish Lead Mining

Scope and Content

William Booth Grey invested money as an 'adventurer' in several Cornish lead mines, including Tavy Consols, Wheal Trehane and Wheal Venton mines, through his agents Messrs Watson & Cuell. The papers consist of 19 letters to William Booth Grey from his agents discussing his investments in various mines (EGR4/3/1/1-19), papers relating to Tavy Consols Mine (EGR4/3/1/20-24), papers relating to Wheal Trehane Mine (EGR4/3/1/25-30), papers relating to Wheal Venton Mine (EGR4/3/1/31-32), and a single item relating to the Helvellin Mining Company (EGR4/3/1/33).

Captains' reports are detailed accounts of work in progress at the mines, the geological conditions, the levels being worked, and the quantity and quality of ore extracted.

Acquisition Information

All items were received from Dunham Massey Hall on 29 June 1990.