Counterpart Lease

Scope and Content

Lessee: George Worrall of Pownall Hall [to. Pownall Fee], eldest son of John Worrall of same place yeo dec'd.

Tenement no.: 26.

Property: a messuage and tenement in Styal now in the occupation of John Royle as undertenant, and fields and parcels of land thereto belonging called the Kiln Croft, the Meadow, the Dry Knowle, the Old Meadow, the Middle Field, the Little Iron, the Nearer Copper Field, the Further Copper Field, the Thistley Intake, the Rough Intake, the Long Intake and the Moss Nook (22 a. 1 r. 5 p.).

Rent: £5. Heriot: £3. Consideration: £170.

Surrendered lease: to John Worrall dec'd, dated 2 August 1793.

Mark of lessee.