Papers relating to Charities and Local Affairs

Scope and Content

George Harry Grey (1737-1819), 5th Earl of Stamford, was involved in numerous charities and societies in Cheshire and elsewhere, and was frequently asked to support worthy causes, such as the repair of Chester Cathedral and the relief of the poor. He also had a close involvement in local affairs, and expected to be consulted over decisions affecting the local community, his estates, and his personal interests.

The series contains the following items: a list of burgesses able to serve as mayor of Altrincham, c.1772 (EGR4/1/10/1); a recommendation form issued by the Society for the Discharge and Relief of Persons Imprisoned for Small Debts, London, 1777 (EGR4/1/10/2); a bundle of receipts for payments of annual interest on George Cooke's legacy to Sunday schools in Altrincham, 1792-1816 (EGR4/1/10/3); a bundle of papers re Finsbury Dispensary, London, 1797-1798 (EGR4/1/10/4); two bundles of papers relating to the postal service to Altrincham and Dunham Massey Hall, 1800-1817 and 1842 (EGR4/1/10/5-6); a bundle of correspondence relating to a dispute over a pack of hounds kept at Stayley, 1807 (EGR4/1/10/7); an abstract of baptisms, marriages and burials in Ashton under Lyne co. Lancs between 1800 and 1807 (EGR4/1/10/8); a draft letter and newspaper cutting relating to Lord Stamford's resignation as president of the Manchester Agricultural Society, 1809 (EGR4/1/10/9); an extract from the will of George Cooke relating to his charitable bequests, c.1815 (EGR4/1/10/10); copy minutes of a meeting for the relief of distress in Wilmslow, 1817 (EGR4/1/10/11); and a newspaper cutting relating to the subscription fund for repairing Chester Cathedral, 1819 (EGR4/1/10/12).

[For further references to charities and local affairs among the archives of the 5th Earl of Stamford, see papers relating to the Lord Lieutenancy and militia (EGR4/1/2), papers relating to the Commission of the Peace (EGR4/1/3), political and electoral papers (EGR4/1/5), financial papers (EGR4/1/6), estate papers (EGR4/1/8), and papers relating to churches, chapels and benefices (EGR4/1/9).]