Papers relating to Churches, Chapels and Benefices

Scope and Content

George Harry Grey (1737-1819), 5th Earl of Stamford, was the patron of the living of several churches and chapels in Cheshire and south-east Lancashire. The series contains the following items: a bundle of papers relating to the proposal to erect a chapel of ease in Altrincham, consecrated in 1799 as St George's Chapel, 1776-99 & 1827 (EGR4/1/9/1); three bundles of papers relating to presentations by Lord Stamford to the living of Stayley (Stalybridge) chapel, 1776-80, 1791-1800, and 1806-12 (EGR4/1/9/2-4); a statement of the income of Ringway chapel in Hale, 1784 (EGR4/1/9/5); and two bundles of correspondence relating to the presentation by Lord Stamford of his grandson George Chetwode to the living of Ashton under Lyne, 1810 & 1815, and 1816 (EGR4/1/9/6-7).

[There are numerous references to Bowdon parish church within the estate papers of the 5th Earl of Stamford, EGR4/1/8 above; see particularly EGR4/1/8/11/2, EGR4/1/8/11/13, EGR4/1/8/11/15, EGR4/1/8/12/1-4, EGR4/1/8/13/1 and EGR4/1/8/13/3. There are also references to Wilmslow parish church: EGR4/1/8/1/9 and EGR4/1/8/9/11-17.]