Letter and Particulars of Property

Scope and Content

Letter from Isaac Worthington to Lord Stamford (/4). Explains that the leasehold estate in Dunham Woodhouses was granted by [George Booth (1675-1758), 2nd] Earl of Warrington to Mr [Thomas] Walton for 99 years after the death of Hon Booth Grey (1740-1802). Walton received the rents from the estate until his death, whereupon Grey received them. But in 1770 it was discovered that the lease did not entitle either Walton or Grey to the estate during Grey's lifetime. To remedy this Mary Countess of Stamford granted a life lease to Grey.

Encloses particulars of Booth Grey's houses and gardens etc. in Altrincham (/5). For each of 8 tenements the following information is given: tenant's name, reserved rent, date of lease, particulars of premises, lives in being and their ages.

Dated at: Altrincham (/4).