Estate Papers

Scope and Content

Even before he inherited the title and family estates in 1819, George Harry Grey (1765-1845), 6th Earl of Stamford, had assumed much of the responsibility for the management of the estates as his father, the 5th Earl, was increasingly afflicted by ill-health and infirmity in his later years. Unfortunately the papers of the 6th Earl do not now contain a large quantity of estate material; surprisingly little correspondence has survived between Lord Stamford and his agent, Hugo Worthington, though what remains shows that Lord Stamford was as interested in the minutiae of estate management as his father.

Perhaps the most significant estate papers are four bundles relating to: the purchase of an estate in Millington, 1815-7 (EGR4/2/7/2); Bowdon vicarial tithes, 1818-9 (EGR4/2/7/3); estates in Stayley and Ashton under Lyne co. Lancs, 1828-41 (EGR4/2/7/13); and coal mines in Ashton under Lyne, 1834-7 (EGR4/2/7/16).

In addition there are numerous small bundles and loose items: a small bundle of letters from Hugo Worthington, 1815 (EGR4/2/7/1); a small bundle of correspondence with Hugo Worthington, 1819 (EGR4/2/7/4); a list of nurseries, woods, coverts etc., 1819 (EGR4/2/7/5); an account of walks for dogs on the Cheshire estates, c.1820 (EGR4/2/7/6); correspondence with Thomas Trafford esq relating to sporting rights in Morley, 1822 (EGR4/2/7/7); a bundle containing particulars of leases, estate income and acreages, 1824 (EGR4/2/7/8); correspondence with Rev Thomas Ainsworth concerning the enclosure of waste in Hale, 1826 (EGR4/2/7/9); correspondence with Hugo Worthington concerning tithes on Lindow Common and general estate matters, 1829 (EGR4/2/7/10-12); an extract from a rental for Bollington, c.1830 (EGR4/2/7/14); two letters from Robert Worthington requesting permission to shoot game, 1834 (EGR4/2/7/15); a bundle of moor game lists, 1835-41 (EGR4/2/7/17); two lists of cattle slaughtered, a survey of demesne lands, and an account of water discharges, 1836-7 (EGR4/2/7/18-20); a table of game shot, 1838-42 (EGR4/2/7/21); a bundle of papers relating to the Leicestershire estates, 1840-1 (EGR4/2/7/22); a letter from the gardener at Dunham Massey, 1840 (EGR4/2/7/23); two lists of coverts to be felled, 1840-1 (EGR4/2/7/24); a copy letter concerning the letting of cottages in Styal as a school, 1841 (EGR4/2/7/25); a list of dogs shot, 1841 (EGR4/2/7/26); letters from the gamekeeper at Dunham Massey relating to poaching, 1841 (EGR4/2/7/27); letters from William Thornton, farming steward at Dunham Massey, concerning a house for Rev John Kingsley, 1841 (EGR4/2/7/28-29); an account of beef given to estate staff, 1841 (EGR4/2/7/30); notes on sentences for poaching (EGR4/2/7/31); two letters concerning a request for fallow deer fawns, 1841 (EGR4/2/7/32); and correspondence with Legh Richmond relating to his request to build a house, 1843 (EGR4/2/7/33-34).