Lease and Counterpart Lease

Scope and Content

Lessee: Elizabeth Harrop of Hale spinster.

Tenement no.: 99A.

Property: fields in Sinderland to. Dunham Massey, formerly part of Sinderland Moss, called the Causeway Plat Field, the Warcocks Field, the Awden Field, the Lawns Field, the Flats and Old Meadow (laid together in 1 close), the Brook Field, the Nursery Field, the Large Meadow and the Half Acre (20 a. 22 p.), now in the occupation of Nathaniel Timperley as tenant.

Rent: £6 10s. Heriot: £5. Consideration: £130.

Clauses: i) Lord Stamford reserves the right to retake possession of the property at any time during the residue of the term, for the purpose of enclosing and fencing the premises, and planting with trees or plants; ii) labour service clause added on dorse.

Surrendered lease: to John Timperley, [EGR14/2/7/468].