Inventory of Household Goods

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  • Reference
      GB 133 EGR7/17/1
  • Dates of Creation
      n.d. [?1758]
  • Physical Description
      26 x 22 cm, 1 vol., board covers, full-bound in leather, fitted with 2 brass clasps.

Scope and Content

Inventory of household goods at Dunham Massey Hall. The inventory records furniture, ornaments, pictures, carpets, tapestries, household utensils and other items in the principal rooms, bedrooms, domestic offices, servants' quarters, stables and mill.

Rooms are listed in the following order, which appears to be based upon a tour of the Hall: Yellow Damask Bedchamber, Dressing Room and Closet, Great Gallery, Velvet Bedchamber and 2 closets, Feather Bedchamber, Closet and Passage Closet, Brown Damask Bedchamber, Closet and Landing on Stairs, Green Damask Bedchamber and Closet, Blue Damask Bedchamber and Closet, Centre Room Bedchamber and Closet, White Room Bedchamber and Closet, Front Gallery and Closet, "Landing of Stairs at my Lord's Room Door", Library and Closet, Tea Room Gallery, Tea Room, Crimson Damask Bedchamber and Closet, Dressing Room and Closet, Writing Closet, Plate Closet, Plate Closet Gallery and Staircase, Stair-foot Room and 2 closets, Best Staircase, Chapel (upper and lower parts), Little Parlour, Hall, Great Parlour, Drawing Room, Landing going down Stairs from Water Closet door, Water Closet, Brown Cloth Bed Garret and Closet, Nursery and 2 closets, Landing at Nursery door, Three-Bed Garret and Closet, Middle Garret and Closet, Two-Bed Garret and Closet, Closet between Hanged Garret door and Two-Bed Garret door in Gallery, Hanged Garret and Closet, Garret Gallery, Green Room on Ground Floor and Closet, Three-Bed Room on Ground Floor, Vestibule, Near Vestibule Room, Steward's Bedchamber and Closet, Keeper's Room, Flag Gallery, Common Parlour, Common Hall, Steward's Office, Flag Passage from Common Parlour to the end towards Steward's Room, Powder Closet Chamber, Powder Closet, Candle Closet, Steward's Room, Butler's Room, Pantry, Pantry and Engine Passage, Plate Closet, Garret over Plate Closet, Landing on Stairs by the Door, Housekeeper's Room, Linen Rooms, White Room over Candlestick Closet, Closet, Passage by the Housemaids' Room, Housemaids' Room and Closet, Kitchen Gallery, Green Room by the Store Room, Closet, Cook's Room, Three-Bed Room over Still Room, Room over Laundry, Room over Drying Room, Porter's Ward, Room over Porter's Ward, Room over Gateway, Brewhouse Room, Brewhouse, Still House and China Closet, Nearer Still House, Butter House, Housemaids' Closet, Servants' Hall, Kitchen, Pastry, Larders, Scullery, Feather Hole, Dairy, Stilling Room, Laundry, Drying Room, Coach Stable and Room, New Coach Stable Room, Gentleman's Coach Stable and Room, Groom's Stable and Room, Gentleman's Groom's Stable and Room, Common Stable, Hinds Room, Gardener's Room, Higher Mill and Lower Mill.

The inventory appears to be comprehensive, listing every single item in each room, including fire-grates, tongs, brushes etc. However, the descriptions of furniture are cursory ("walnut chest of drawers", "oak dressing table" etc.), and pictures and prints are not individually identified.

Entitled "Household | Goods" tooled in gilt on front cover.

Dating: the volume is undated, but terminal dates are established by the handwriting of George Cooke, who was house steward at Dunham Massey Hall from 1747 until 1790, and by an additional annotation dated 20 April 1767. It seems probable that the inventory was compiled on the death of George Booth, 2nd Earl of Warrington, in 1758.

Acquisition Information

Received from Dunham Massey Hall on 23 September 1994; provenance: 5th shelf down, walnut cabinet F318 in Lord Stamford's Study.