Bundle of Papers re Hunting etc.

Scope and Content

The bundle contains papers that relate to a variety of matters, but principally to hunting and coursing. There is correspondence between George Harry Grey (1765-1845), Lord Grey, later 6th Earl of Stamford, and his father, the 5th Earl of Stamford, concerning financial and estate matters (EGR4/2/10/1/1-3); correspondence with Lieut. Henry Booth concerning his claim to the title of Baron Delamer of Dunham Massey (/4-7); correspondence relating to George Harry Grey's wish to take part of a field to make a game cover, and to permission for tenants to course in Timperley and Hale (/8-10 & /17); correspondence with Sir Henry Mainwaring concerning the Cheshire Fox-Hounds (/11-12, /18-20 & /24-27); correspondence discussing Joseph Francis Buckworth's desire to be appointed Clerk of the Peace (/13-16); correspondence relating to John Corry's historical publications (/21-23); and a letter to Lady Henrietta Charlotte Elizabeth Grey concerning a manuscript (/28).


All pieces constituted original bundle '103': see the annotation on the wrapper of EGR4/2/10/1/1-2, topmost pieces of the bundle.