Court Roll and Bundles of Verdicts

Scope and Content

The series contains the following items: a court roll for the portmote of Altrincham and Altrincham fair court, 1450-1452 (EGR2/6/1/1); a file of verdicts and a court book for sessions held to hear pleas between parties, 1612-1671 and 1658-1663 (EGR2/6/1/2-3); and six bundles of verdicts for the court leet and view of frankpledge, 1612-1644, 1646-1728, 1729-1744, 1745-1760, 1760-1777, 1802-1820 and 1882-1888 (EGR2/6/1/4-10). The verdicts adhere to a common format. The headings appear to have been drawn up in standard form before the court, with the name of the town in the left-hand margin, and the title, date and place of the court, and the name of the steward recited in the first paragraph, followed by a list of the jurors sworn. The orders and amercements made by the jury are then recorded. In some cases these may have been written up during the proceedings, but in others they appear to have been compiled afterwards and were received at the next session. Each verdict concludes with the signatures of the jurors.