Scope and Content

Lessee: Thomas Warburton of Hale farmer.

Property: a messuage and tenement in Hale now in the occupation of Robert Perkin, and fields or parcels of land in Hale thereto belonging called the Croft, the Nearer Meadow, the Further Meadow, the Near Heath Field, the Croft, the Little Marl Field and the Further Marl Field (23 a. 11 p.).

Term: 14 years.

Rent: £55, payable on 1 July; also £10 for every acre of ancient meadow ploughed at any time during the term, and for every acre above 4 acres ploughed elsewhere in any year.

Clauses: lessee is to keep watch and ward, work in the highways, and serve all offices respecting the premises; lessee is to keep 1 hound for the use of Lord Stamford; lessee is to provide straw and other materials for thatching, and to thatch as directed; husbandry clauses re ploughing, sowing with clover, pasturing, manuring and marling; lessee is not to fell or damage timber trees.