Scope and Content

Lessee: Richard Yates of Partington tailor.

Tenement no.: 10B.

Property: a messuage and tenement (consisting of 2 dwellings) on Partington Green in Partington, now in the occupation of Richard Yates and of John Pownall as undertenant, and fields and parcels of land thereto belonging called the Meadow, the Barn Croft, the nearer Middle Field, the further Middle Field, the nearer Rough and the further Rough (4 a. 1 r. 23 p.).

Rent: £1 6s. Heriot: 10s. Consideration: £26.

Surrendered lease: to Richard Yates, [EGR14/2/9/39].

Endorsed with memorandum of consent for the lessee to hold a parcel of waste on Partington Green now marked out, abuttals given (1 r. 6 p.), additional rent 1s, 11 August 1785.