Political and Electoral Papers

Scope and Content

The series contains papers relating to the county elections of 1774, 1790, 1806 and 1812. For 1774 there is a list of the 5th Earl of Stamford's tenants and their voting intentions (EGR4/1/5/1), and three letters relating to canvassing and pledges of votes (EGR4/1/5/3/1-3). For the 1790 election there are four letters re Lord Stamford's support for John Crewe against Sir Thomas Broughton (EGR4/1/5/3/4-7). There is a bundle of correspondence relating to the 1806 election (EGR4/1/5/4). For the 1812 election there is a list of the Earl of Stamford's tenants and the way they vote (EGR4/1/5/2), and several letters and newspaper cuttings (EGR4/1/5/3/8-22).

The papers shed light on the power of the Earl of Stamford's patronage and interest. He was able to command the votes of hundreds of tenants, as witnessed by the lists of tenants, and when necessary he could call upon his tenants and friends to lobby county meetings. The papers also reveal the widespread conviction in Cheshire that contested elections which might threaten the peace of the county were to be avoided at all costs.

[A letter and newspaper cutting relating to the 1802 election are to be found within a bundle of miscellaneous papers (EGR4/1/12/11/2-3). See also correspondence concerning the 1812 election between Wilbraham Egerton and George Harry Grey (1765-1845), Lord Grey, later 6th Earl of Stamford, among the latter's papers, EGR4/2/5/1.]