Papers relating to Charities and Local Affairs

Scope and Content

George Harry Grey (1765-1845), 6th Earl of Stamford, was involved in many charities and societies in Cheshire, Manchester and elsewhere, as president, vice-president, trustee, patron or subscriber. Among the beneficiaries of his patronage were Chetham's Hospital and Library, the Manchester Infirmary and William Hulme's Trust. Lord Stamford also took a keen interest in local affairs, he was a leading huntsman in Cheshire and he expected to be consulted over developments such as new turnpike roads and railways that affected his estates and his personal interests.

The series contains the following items: a bundle of papers relating to hunting and gaming among other matters, 1804-20 (EGR4/2/10/1); two letters from Ralph Leycester and Sir Henry Mainwaring Mainwaring bart concerning an earth-stopping fund, 1812 (EGR4/2/10/2); two letters from Hugo Worthington, Lord Stamford's agent, discussing the trusteeship of the Earl of Warrington's Charity and the executorship of the estate of Sir Henry Mainwaring, 1812 (EGR4/2/10/3); two letters from Rev Edward Smyth inviting Lord Grey to become a vice-president of the Auxiliary Society in Manchester for Promoting Christianity amongst the Jews, 1813 (EGR4/2/10/4); correspondence concerning a request from George Walker for assistance in obtaining employment, 1815 (EGR4/2/10/5); correspondence relating to the discharge of a soldier from the Royal Artillery, 1815 (EGR4/2/10/6-7); a draft letter and minutes of a county meeting called to approve an address of condolence on the death of Princess Charlotte, 1817 (EGR4/2/10/8-9); a letter and account relating to the new grandstand at Chester racecourse, 1818 (EGR4/2/10/10); a bundle of papers relating to the Runcorn & Northwich Turnpike Road Bill, 1819 (EGR4/2/10/11); a bundle of papers relating to the Stockport & Warrington Turnpike Road, 1819-20 (EGR4/2/10/12); a bundle of papers relating to various charities, 1819-20 (EGR4/2/10/13); a bundle of papers relating to Chetham's Hospital and Library in Manchester, 1818-42 (EGR4/2/10/14); a bundle of papers relating to William Hulme's Trust, 1819-42 (EGR4/2/10/15); a letter and certificate of donation from the Royal Universal Dispensary for Children, 1818 & 1822 (EGR4/2/10/16-17); minutes and annual report of the County of Leicester Society for the Education of the Infant Poor in the Principles of the Established Church, 1823 (EGR4/2/10/18); minutes of a meeting of governors of the Royal Manchester Institution, with covering letter, 1827 (EGR4/2/10/19); a bundle of papers relating to the Manchester Botanical and Horticultural Society, 1827-8 (EGR4/2/10/20); notes on the population of Ashton under Lyne co. Lancs, c.1827-8 (EGR4/2/10/21); two bundles of papers relating to the Manchester Royal Infirmary, 1830 & 1837 (EGR4/2/10/22-23); two newspaper cuttings, 1831 & 1837 (EGR4/2/10/24); a letter from the chairman of the Committee of the Humane Society for the Hundred of Salford, 1832 (EGR4/2/10/25); a bundle of papers concerning the proposed Stockport & Warrington Railway, 1834-5 (EGR4/2/10/26); a packet of papers relating to the Cheshire Society, 1838 (EGR4/2/10/27); two letters relating to highway improvements in Styal near Wilmslow, 1840 (EGR4/2/10/28); a letter on behalf of the Manchester Auxiliary to the Society for the Extinction of the Slave Trade, 1840 (EGR4/2/10/29); a circular letter and resolutions of the committee of the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal Company, 1841 (EGR4/2/10/30); a letter on behalf of the Manchester Dramatic Reading Society, 1842 (EGR4/2/10/31); a letter from Thomas Arbuthnot on the unsettled state of Ashton under Lyne co. Lancs, 1843 (EGR4/2/10/32); a bundle of begging letters and correspondence concerning fraudulent appeals, 1839-42 (EGR4/2/10/33).

[For further references to charities and local affairs among the archives of the 6th Earl of Stamford, see papers relating to the Royal Regiment of Cheshire Militia (EGR4/2/2), papers relating to the Lord Lieutenancy (EGR4/2/3), papers relating to the Commission of the Peace (EGR4/2/4), political and electoral papers (EGR4/2/5), estate papers (EGR4/2/7), papers relating to churches, chapels and benefices (EGR4/2/8), and papers relating to schools (EGR4/2/9).]