Scope and Content

Lessee: Edmund Barlow, trooper in the Royal Regiment of Horse Guards, grandson of Edmund Barlow of Hale yeo dec'd.

Tenement no.: 9.

Property: a messuage and tenement in Hale called the Hale Field Tenement, and fields and parcels of land thereto belonging called the Great Croft, the Nearer Bottoms, the Further Bottoms, the Many Ash, the Half Acre alias the Many Ash Patch, the Hale Field alias the Barn Field, the Field behind the Orchard, the Nearer Hey, the Further Near Hey, the Further Hey, the Middle Hey, the Marled Field, the Yeld Field and the Moss Meadow (21 a. 1 r. 18 p.).

Rent: £6 4s. Heriot: £4. Consideration: £124.

Surrendered lease: to Wainwright and Owen, [EGR14/2/8/40].