Scope and Content

Lessee: Adam Shaw of [Dunham] Woodhouses to. Dunham Massey yeo.

Tenement nos.: 34A & B [see the endorsement].

Property: a messuage and tenement in [Dunham] Woodhouses, late in the possession of Matthew Shaw dec'd father of lessee, and another messuage and tenement in [Dunham] Woodhouses together with an enclosure or intack (2 a.) from Woolley Moss, late in the possession of Richard Podmore.

Rent: 6s. Heriot: £1 10s. Consideration: £6.

Surrendered lease: to Adam Shaw, dated 5 May 1746 [cf. counterpart EGR14/3/6/34].

Endorsed: i) licence for lessee to assign the premises to Robert Shaw of Warburton tailor, 3 August 1750; ii) tenement number amended in pencil from "23 & 24" to "34A, 34B".