Stock Books

Scope and Content

Stock books record the weekly consumption of malt, wheat, barley, oats, oat meal, beans (Oct 1792-Feb 1807), and peas (Apr 1806-Sep 1807) at Dunham Massey Hall, Stables and Home Farm. They were probably compiled by the farming steward.

The information is set out in tabular format, with columns across the page for each of the above categories of stock, and rows down the page in which are recorded for each category: the quantity in stock at the beginning of the week; the quantity consumed during the period under numerous subheadings (see below); imports of stock; and the balance remaining at the end of each week.

Subheadings for consumption include: malt, wheat, various named persons, colts, coach horses, draught horses, "strangers" [?fodder for visitors' horses], swine, ducks, poultry, pigeons, swans, poultry at the farm. From 1817 there is an additional category, "poor". The quantities of each type of grain consumed by each category are recorded. Measures are not given, but are presumably sacks or bushels.

Acquisition Information

All items were received from Dunham Massey Hall on 12 September 1978; provenance: Instrument Room off the Library.