Lease for Years

Scope and Content

Lessors: George Massey of Dunham Massey gent, and John Birch of Altrincham gent, with the consent of John Daine jun, John Lamb, Hardey Leather and Charles Higginson, churchwardens of Bowdon parish church.

Lessees: Isaac Worthington jun of Dunham Massey gent, and Thomas Clarke of Bowdon yeo.

Property: a cottage and tenement in Bowdon called the Style House, heretofore in the possession of Henry Hough and now or late in the occupation of Mary Neild as undertenant.

Term: 21 years during the term of lives held from Mary Countess of Stamford.

Rent: £3, payable on 25 March and 11 November.

Signatures and seals excised.