Papers relating to the will of George Booth

Scope and Content

George Booth, 2nd Earl of Warrington, appears to have drafted a will in 1737, the charitable provisions of which were objected to by counsel. The final will was drafted in 1754, though a codicil added in 1757 revoked a legacy of £5000 to Nathaniel Booth.

EGR3/6/2/3/1-5 were enclosed within inner paper wrapper endorsed "E of Warrington" and a torn outer wrapper endorsed: i) "Here inclosed is my Last Will and Testament to be opened as soon as I shall be Dead, for the Directions touching my Funeral" (in the hand of George Booth); ii) "Miscellaneous papers of Earl of Warrington" (in pencil); iii) "41" (on a modern adhesive paper label).


Pieces EGR3/6/2/3/1-5 constituted bundle '41' (see wrapper endorsement), while EGR3/6/2/3/6 formed bundle '35'.