Miscellaneous Papers

Scope and Content

Miscellaneous papers of George Harry Grey (1737-1819), 5th Earl of Stamford, consist of: an extract from a sermon preached after the death of George Booth, 2nd Earl of Warrington, 1758 (EGR4/1/12/1); two poems and the text of an epitaph, 1768 and undated (EGR4/1/12/2 and EGR4/1/12/18-19); papers relating to the purchase of engravings by Wenceslaus Hollar, and to the sale of the collection of the late Duchess of Portland, 1783-8 (EGR4/1/12/3-7); an admission ticket for the trial of Warren Hastings, 1788 (EGR4/1/12/8); a lock of hair taken from Edward IV's tomb in St George's Chapel, Windsor, in 1789 (EGR4/1/12/9); an inventory of coins, ?1790s (EGR4/1/12/10); a small bundle of miscellaneous papers, 1792 & 1802 (EGR4/1/12/11); a pamphlet on potato growing, 1801 (EGR4/1/12/12); a letter from George Leycester, 1802 (EGR4/1/12/13); an account of a very large tree, 1810-4 (EGR4/1/12/15); a sheet containing answers to queries from George Ormerod, c.1815-9 (EGR4/1/12/16); an account of the discovery of natural spherical stones, undated (EGR4/1/12/17); and an empty wrapper, undated (EGR4/1/12/20).

In addition there is a letter to the 5th Earl of Stamford from the agent to Lord Dudley, 1805, enclosing a royal warrant issued by Charles I to Sir George Booth bart (1566-1652) and Sir William Brereton bart in 1632, commanding them to seize all guns, dogs and nets used by persons engaged in the destruction of wildfowl on the River Dee, within five miles of the duck decoy erected by Booth and Brereton, and a certificate of 1632/3 signed by 69 of the principal inhabitants of Cheshire approving of the duck decoy (EGR4/1/12/14).