Personal and Family Papers

Scope and Content

Personal and family papers of George Harry Grey (1765-1845), Lord Grey, later 6th Earl of Stamford, principally consist of travel journals, accounts of tours in Britain, and a small amount of family correspondence. The series contains the following items: travel journals for a tour of the Lake District and Yorkshire in 1784 and a tour of Scotland in 1785 (EGR4/2/11/1-2); a pocket account book recording expenditure by George Harry Grey during his Grand Tour of Europe in 1788 (EGR4/2/11/3); two letters from his mother Henrietta Cavendish Grey, Countess of Stamford, 1819 (EGR4/2/11/4-5); a bundle of correspondence relating to Thomas Cholmondeley's assumption of the title Baron Delamere of Vale Royal, 1821 (EGR4/2/11/6); a bundle of letters to Lord Stamford from his son George Harry Grey (1802-35), Lord Grey of Groby, while he was on the Grand Tour of Europe, 1823-4 (EGR4/2/11/7); an account of an excursion from Dunham Massey to the Menai Bridge, 1826 (EGR4/2/11/8); an account of a tour of North Wales, 1829 (EGR4/2/11/9); an account of a tour of the Lake District, 1832 (EGR4/2/11/10); a letter from Egerton Leigh complaining of Lord Stamford's discourtesy towards him, 1839 (EGR4/2/11/11); a packet of correspondence relating to a claim that Lord Stamford was the next heir of two wealthy spinsters who were descendants of Sir Nathan Wrighte, Lord Keeper, 1841 (EGR4/2/11/12); a draft letter from Lord Stamford to his grandson George Harry Grey (1827-83), 1842 (EGR4/2/11/13); and two letters from George Harry Grey (1827-83) to his grandfather, 1843 (EGR4/2/11/14-15).