Scope and Content

Correspondence of Rev William Grey consists of: letters from Edward Feild, Bishop of Newfoundland; letters to William Grey from other correspondents, including family members, friends, fellow clergymen and associates; and a few letters from William Grey to others. Letters from Edward Feild are listed first, followed by other letters in chronological sequence.

The letters from Edward Feild (1801-76), Bishop of Newfoundland, (EGR4/8/6/1-26) contain valuable information on the Church in Newfoundland and the island of Bermuda, which formed part of the diocese. Edward Feild describes his coastal visitations undertaken by boat and discusses church building activities within the diocese. In the latter case Feild continued to rely heavily on William Grey's interest and expertise in church architecture. Feild strikes one as an impatient, hectoring character, who must have severely tested William Grey's goodwill with his continual requests for architectural drawings and advice on church buildings. For biographical information on Bishop Edward Feild, see his entry in the ODNB.

There is a considerable amount of correspondence between Rev William Grey and fellow clergymen and friends from his Oxford days. As well as containing reminiscences about Oxford and discussions of ecclesiastical affairs and matters of faith, these letters frequently concern William Grey's interest in ecclesiastical architecture and the design of church buildings (particularly EGR4/8/6/34-35, /44-45, /54, /60, /62, /64, /66, /68-70, /74). There is correspondence with William Grey's friends and associates in Newfoundland (EGR4/8/6/32, /35, /44-45, /73) and letters concerning the education of William Grey's son William at St Andrew's College, Bradfield (EGR4/8/6/37, /39, /42).

Family correspondence includes: a letter from William Grey's future wife Harriet White (EGR4/8/6/31); four letters from his son William Grey (1850-1910), later 9th Earl of Stamford, during his childhood and school days (EGR4/8/6/33, /38, /55-56); three letters from his father Rev Harry Grey (EGR4/8/6/36, /40, /43); letters from his brother-in-law James Grant Lumsden, his brother John Grey, and his wife's uncle William Master (EGR4/8/6/47, /53, /57); and correspondence between William Grey and his Massie cousins (EGR4/8/6/41, /76-77). There is also a copy of a letter written by William Grey and his siblings protesting at the posthumous publication of their father's letters (EGR4/8/6/49).

EGR4/8/6/1-26 were found in a single bundle with the label "Looked | through | this | RBP | Nov.7.[19]12".


The letters from William Grey do not strictly form part of William Grey's archive but they were found in the same location as many letters to William Grey and, in the absence of any indication of how and when the letters were returned to the Grey family from their recipients, it was deemed expedient to include them in EGR4/8/6.