Scope and Content

These books enter details about what was going on within the wards: admissions, discharges, medicines given, patients' activities or sleeping patterns, and any other incidents. There are different series of volumes, some covering males and some females for a number of wards together, and others for individual wards. The original sequence is hard to make out because there is not a complete survival of the records. Some ward report books are day reports only, others cover nights only, but others cover both days and nights. The following list divides reports into day reports (RET 6/18/1), night reports (RET 6/18/2), and day and night reports (RET 6/18/3), and within each of these categories male reports are listed first followed by females. There were other ward books as well as the day and night reports and what survive have been listed in RET 6/18/4.

Access Information

Access to some material is restricted under data protection laws. Restricted items are at: RET 6/18/1/1/4-29 inclusive, RET 6/18/1/2/4-12 inclusive, RET 6/18/2/1/5-16 inclusive, RET 6/18/2/2/5-13 inclusive, RET 6/18/3/1/1-17 inclusive, RET 6/18/4/3, RET 6/18/4/5, and RET 6/18/4/6.

Additional Information