Volume of publications and tracts on York Lunatic Asylum

Scope and Content

Volume contains the following:
1. Another copy of: A Complete Collection of the Papers respecting the York Lunatic Asylum published originally in the York Newspapers during the Years 1813, 1814, and 1815. Nil Desperandum (1816) [there is another copy of this in RET 8/1/1/1]
2. Retaliation; or Hints to Some of the Governors of the York Lunatic Asylum By Charles Atkinson (1814) [the first few pages of this tract are out of place in the volume, but the pamphlet is complete]
3. Another copy of: Vindication of Mr Higgins from the Charges of Corrector: including A Sketch of recent Transactions at the York Lunatic Asylum. Addressed to Earl Fizwilliam by a New Governor [S.W. Nicoll] (1814) [there is another copy of this in RET 8/1/1/1]
4. Another copy of: A History of the York Lunatic Asylum, with an Appendix containing minutes of the evidence on the cases of abuse inquired into by a committee etc, addressed to William Wilberforce Esq, one of the contributors to Lupton’s Fund [by Jonathan Gray] (1815) [there is another copy of this in RET 8/1/1/2/1]

Alternative Form Available

A digitised copy of this reference is available via the Wellcome Collection and can be accessed here: http://wellcomelibrary.org/item/b24962715

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