Minor alterations and Additions, 1880s

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There were various alterations and minor additions in the 1880s.
In 1881 the Medical Superintendent’s House was enlarged. In 1883-4 a covered way was made for ladies to reach the Recreation Room and garden, and a portion of the main Gallery on the first floor was adapted for women. Meanwhile, a new projection at the east end of the centre building was made for lavatories and WCs, and a porch was made at the west end of the Ladies 6th Gallery to make a sitting room and provide easier access for ladies to the garden. In 1885 a porch was similarly made for the Ladies 5th Gallery. The plans in RET 2/1/17 relate to all these works.
There were many other works in this decade. These included reorganisation of some of the functions of rooms: eg the large Ladies Saloon was made into a General Parlour and the new Ladies Recreation Room became a Sewing Room also used for Meetings. All Galleries were provided with special parlours for dining; corridor screens were removed to open up views; heating, ventilation and sanitation was improved; and there were various works done to improve the grounds.

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