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Medical Registers were introduced, along with Civil Registers (see RET 6/2/4), under the rules of the Commissioners in Lunacy of 31 October 1906. These series superseded the Registers of Patients (RET 6/2/3) which had contained both personal and medical details of patients. After 1907, the medical details were entered into the Medical Register while general personal details were entered into the Civil Register. The information for 1905 and 1906 in the following volumes is retrospectively entered (the details for 1905 are on separate pages stuck in at the front). Information in the Medical Register includes: date of admission, number in Civil Register, date of discharge, transfer or death, name and whether private or pauper, civil state, occupation, age, details of attack including whether first attack or not and whether there were congenital or aetiological factors both principal and contributory, bodily state on admission, form of mental disorder, whether suicidal, observations

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Access to some material is restricted under data protection laws. Restricted items are at RET 6/3/1, RET 6/3/2, RET 6/3/3, and RET 6/3/4.

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