Land and Property Transactions, late 19th century

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These plans and drawings relate to Bleasdale's Fields, and to Crumbie's land.
The Retreat purchased Bleasdale's Fields, comprising three fields which fronted onto the other side of Heslington Road, opposite the Retreat, in 1884, largely to prevent unsuitable building on the site. Part of the fields were sold to the Sisters of the Order of Poor Clares, in the Convent of St Joseph on Lawrence Street, in 1884, and a further piece of land was eventually sold to them in 1903 (see RET 2/2/10/2-3 for more on Bleasdale's Fields; also RET 2/2/16/1 and RET 3/9/2). Four square yards of land at the corner of Church Lane and Heslington Road were sold to the City Council for street improvements in 1888 (see RET 2/2/10/7). In 1893-4 it was decided that the lower part of Bleasdale's Fields could be sold for building purposes under certain conditions; at the same time a further narrow strip was sold to the City Council for the widening of Lawrence Street and Heslington Road (see RET 2/2/10/8).
Mr Crumbie made an offer to sell some of his land to the Retreat in June 1888; in the end Crumbie and the Retreat swapped some small areas of ground in 1891 (see RET 2/2/10/6)

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