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Scope and Content

(Case Book 1) The final numbers of the unique archival identifier for this volume refer to patient number.
This is also referred to as 'the book of patients' admittance' and it seems likely that it fulfilled the dual role of both case book and admission book. This is borne out by the fact that the first admission register, RET 6/2/1/1, although covering all patients from patient number 1, is a retrospective copy made in a volume with paper watermarked 1802
This volume does not in fact contain many medical notes about patients, but rather contains information collected upon admission followed by subsequent notes mainly made at time of discharge, death or readmission. Although these notes are often very detailed, this is, essentially, the kind of information one might expect to find in an admission book
The volume begins with patient number 1 and ends with patient number 395, admitted in September 1828
Researchers should use RET 6/5/1A and RET 6/5/1B together for details of the earliest patients at the Retreat

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