Rough notes made by George Halliday in his researches into the Retreat walls and boundaries

Scope and Content

This file contains research and notes for Halliday’s typescript Memoranda on Retreat land, walls and boundary fences (see RET 2/2/17/1).

Alternative Form Available

A digitised copy of this reference is available via the Wellcome Collection and can be accessed here:

Appraisal Information

The file originally contained a publication and a press cutting about the York strays, (used by Halliday as general background) which have now been removed from the file.

Related Material

The file also originally included some items which Halliday had discovered in the Retreat archive during his research and subsequently kept here for reference, but which have now been placed elsewhere in the archive: these are the plans and drawings at RET 2/1/24/1, RET 2/1/24/2, RET 2/1/24/3, RET 2/1/24/4, and RET 2/1/25/2, the papers at RET 1/1/6/6/1, RET 1/1/6/6/2, RET 2/2/10/3(2-3), RET 2/2/10/5, RET 2/2/10/6, RET 2/2/10/7, RET 2/2/10/8 (Agreement only) and RET 2/2/10/9 (a duplicate of which is in RET 2/2/17/1).

Additional Information