New Earswick Primary School


New Earswick Elementary School was opened in October 1912. Previously children from New Earswick had attended Haxby Road Elementary School or Huntington School, both at a distance from the village. The first reference to the need for a village school was made by New Earswick Village Council in 1907 and a temporary infants school was opened in the Folk Hall the following year. The primary school that followed four years later was 'non provided' which meant that its construction was funded by the JRVT but its educational provision came under the jurisdiction of the local education authority. The 'open air' building was designed by Raymond Unwin.

Following the 1944 Education Act New Earswick Primary School, as it was then known, became an aided school, giving it a large degree of independence.

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The film 'Free to Grow Up', which documents physical education at New Earswick Primary School in 1956, can be viewed on the Yorkshire Film Archive website:

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