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Daylesford is unusual in not being in Oxfordshire at all, but just across the boundary in Gloucestershire. For many years, it was, despite its situation, reckoned as part of the county of Worcestershire, and included in the diocese of Worcester, but in 1919 it was moved to the Archdeaconry of Oxford. In 1967, Daylesford was united with Kingham, and in 1979, they were united in turn with Sarsden and Churchill, where it still remains.

Most of the parish records of Daylesford were originally deposited with the Bodleian Library in 1980 and 1981, but there was a deposit made directly with Oxfordshire Archives in c.1988, which

was assigned the Accession Number 2920. A further deposit was made in September 2011 and assigned accession number 6027

Recatalogued by Robin Darwall-Smith in May 1996 with additions by Hannah Jones, September 2011

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