Scope and Content

Most of the deeds in this section seem to relate to properties acquired by the Savage family from various other families. Document SL35/9/14/D/1 contains a lengthy schedule of deeds which includes many of the deeds listed in this section and thus helped in the identification of some of the 'strings' of conveyances. Many of the deed packets or bundles contained deeds for a mixture of properties and, conversely, many deeds relating to the same property were found spread across the bundles so that it was often difficult to identify the correct location of a deed. The problem is compounded by the vague descriptions of properties - it is not always possible to determine whether 1 yardland is the same as another! Detailed study of the terriers - lists of allotments - in some deeds might lead to more accurate identifications but it must be remembered that these mostly relate to the old system of land tenure which was obliterated by enclosure; it is therefore unlikely that these deed descriptions can be readily linked to today's topography.

Catalogued by Christian Gilliam, Archivist, Sep 2011