UCS work-in posters and outsized ephemera

Scope and Content

These posters and ephemera were acquired from the Langbank Quadrant Store in 2011. They had been left behind when Charles Woolfson left the University of Glasgow to take up a post in Sweden.

File includes a number of graphic and outsized items:

  • dust jacket proof for publication The Politics of the UCS Work-In: Class Alliances and the Right to Work, by John Foster and Charles Woolfson (see also GB 0248 DC 65/147/6);
  • the bulletin The Butchering of UCS c1971 (duplicate of GB 0248 DC 65/60);
  • poster for 'UCS Folk Concert in Clydebank Townhall 29 Sep 1971' (see GB 0248 DC 65/42 for similar event dated 29 Mar 1972);
  • UCS Work-in flyer and poster 'The Four Yards Must Continue' in 3 sizes;
  • photocopy of poster 'We Want Work';
  • photocopy of fund-raising poster 'UCS: Our Fight is Your Fight';
  • photocopies of two fund-raising posters from same series 'Unity: Our Fight is Your Fight UCS' and 'Cash: Unity, Cash, Ships, UCS' (folded originals can seen in GB 0248 DC 65/122);
  • two copies of large colour poster 'The Right to Work: Support the UCS Fight Fund';
  • large colour poster 'Unite Behind UCS' (duplicate at GB 0248 DC 65/122).

Related Material

See also GB 0248 DC 65/147/6; GB 0248 DC 65/60; GB 0248 DC 65/42; and GB 0248 DC 65/122.