Post-nuptial Settleme

Scope and Content

(i) John ap John of Ruabon, co. Denbigh, gent., and Katherine, his wife, Richard Davies of Ruabon, and Anne, his wife.

(ii) John Barnes of Warrington, co. Lancaster, ironmonger.

(iii) Griffith Owen of Prescot, co. Lancaster, chemist, John Chorley of Warrington, gent., Owen Lewis of Garthgynvor, co. Merioneth, gent., and Owen Humphrey of Llwyn du, co. Merineth, gent.

Capital messuage called Y ty yn y Rhyddallt, messuage called Ty pen y rug and another unnamed and lands (named) in Ruabon, and a messuage and lands (named) in Trevor ucha, co. Denbigh, to (iii) upon trusts.

Consideration: previous marriage of Richard Davies and Anne, one of the daughters of (ii).